Creative Arts Therapies

Ever feel like you are alone in your thoughts? Support from others who have been there is often the component that is missing for so many people struggling to recover. BLS offers R.E.A.L. Solutions & Tools for adults and adolescents who struggle with any type of Eating Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and struggles with body image/self esteem.

Art Therapy @ BLS creates an avenue for many people to shift to a more “right brain,” creative approach. By engaging in art therapy interventions either individually, with your family, or in a group setting, the door opens for our clients to shift from explaining their feelings in traditional talk therapy to actually feeling them and expressing throughout an art therapy session.

Music Therapy @ BLS can foster self expression, increase self awareness and insight, elevate mood, decrease anxiety, and increase motivation for recovery. Interventions such as song lyric analysis, song writing, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, improvisation, and guided imagery can be utilized in an individual, family, or group therapy setting.