Try our fresh, summer salad!

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Watermelon & Arugula Salad with Feta Cheese and Balsamic Reduction
Course Sides
Prep Time 10-15 minutes
Cook Time 15-20 minutes
Course Sides
Prep Time 10-15 minutes
Cook Time 15-20 minutes
  1. Dice watermelon and place in a large bowl.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients of the salad except balsamic reduction.
  3. For the balsamic reduction, add the vinegar and sugar in a small sauce pan over low heat. Simmer on low until the mixture reduces by half, about 15 minutes. Once thick, the reduction should coat the back of a spoon.
  4. Once done, add the salt and stir. Once cool, drizzle over individual salad.
  5. Enjoy!
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Check out these yummy, spring treats!

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Mini Key Lime Pies with Whipped Cream
Course Dessert
makes 24
Course Dessert
makes 24
  1. Preheat oven to 375 degree Farenheit
  2. Combine egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and lime juice in a large bowl. Stir well.
  3. Pour mixture into individual pie crusts.
  4. Bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.
  5. Allow Pies to cool in the fridge while preparing the whipping cream.
  6. Combine heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract in a medium-sized bowl. Use a fork or whisk to mix until the whipped cream is soft and fluffy (about 5-10 minutes).
  7. Slice lime into wedges.
  8. Top each pie with a dollop of whipped cream and a slice of lime.
  9. Enjoy!
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Fighting Food Myths

Welcome to out NEW VIDEO SERIES: Fighting Food Myths

Jenn and Christy, our awesome RDs (Registered Dietitians) at Better Living Solutions, are ready to take on any challenge. Our mission….provide you with the TRUTH about food, fitness, nutrition, and your body!

You may often ask yourself…

  • Does that new diet I am hearing about on social media really work?
  • How do I know which nutrition article to believe?
  • Is that a Fact or Fiction… or is someone just trying to sell me something again?!?! Ugh!!!
  • Why am I so obsessed with thinking about food all the time???

Our society is crazed with food and fitness talk and how many of us are REALLY happy and content with our body image? Why do we struggle so much to find our balance in life and have such difficulty seeking contentment with our emotional and physical selves? If you want to know the TRUTH about nutrition, how your body processes and digests, how to determine adequate and balanced food intake/energy needs, and much more…then watch this video and follow our new video series: Fighting Food Myths.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our friends and community the opportunity to participate in a FREE NUTRITION WORKSHOP with Jenn or Christy at BLS (no strings attached…promise). Participate at our BLS Tallahassee Location or attend one of our online Live Webinars (see coupon below)!!!



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Tally NEDA Walk…What A Success!

The first annual Tallahassee, Florida NEDA Walk 2017 was a huge success! Over 233 people came out to help us increase awareness of the impact that eating disorders have on our community, and together we raised $14,003.00! 100% of these funds went to the National Eating Disorders Association to further their mission of providing support to individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and to enable them to continue to serve as a catalyst for prevention, cures, and access to quality care.

We would like to give special thanks to our sponsors, Better Living Solutions, Canopy Cove, Capital Regional Behavioral Health Center, Magellan Complete Care, McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers, Veritas Collaborative, and Aerie our national walk sponsor. We would also like to thank our vendors for coming out and supporting us: Smith Family Chiropractic, Advanced Recovery Systems, Liberty Tax Company, NAMI Tallahassee, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, and Sweat Therapy. In addition, our incredible donors provided us with food, drinks, and fundraising prizes: Bada Bean, Uncle Maddio’s Pizza, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Studio D, Tom and J. Leigh Brooks, Sara Marchessault, Juanita Slagle with Thirty-One Gifts, Cabello’s Salon and Spa, Saltwater Seafood Company, Axio’s Salt Spa and Juice Bar, Skateworld, The Tallahassee Museum, Hobbit American Grill, Chilis, and Red Elephant Pizza and Grill.

We would also like to thank the Lincoln High School Boys Lacrosse Team for helping us with set up and tear down; Dillion Jordan with Amplify Entertainment for providing us with energizing music; Michelle Pellito with Capital City Music Therapy, the FSU Music Therapy Association, and the FSU Art Therapy Association for putting on our drum circle and creating our “Be YOU” art board. Finally, thank you to NAMI on Campus, Sigma Delta Tau, Kappa Delta Chi, FSU’s RD’s2B, and all other volunteers who came out to help us make this such a special event.

We could not have done it all without your generosity, participation, and mutual wish to decrease the impact that eating disorders have on our community. It is by coming together as we all did that we can connect those who are struggling with the care that they need and continue to decrease the prevalence and severity of eating disorders within society as a whole.

Stay Well Tallahassee,

~Kelly Romano and the BLS TEAM!



Supporting Your Loved One Through an Eating Disorder

30 million people in the United States alone suffer from eating disorders. Taking the statistics into account, it is highly likely that this disease has afflicted someone you hold very dear, whether you are aware of it or not. They may be your best friend, your spouse, your parent or your child.

Supporting a person with an addiction is not easy, but standing with them through it is an integral part of their recovery. Instead of asking “why can’t you stop?” A better question is “how did this start?” If you can’t personally identify with having an eating disorder (ED), read on to see some simple ways you can be the support they need.

// Saying something is better than nothing at all.

It may be uncomfortable, but speaking up to this person might be exactly what they need. Instead of making an accusation, ask them questions. Cultivate a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Chances are their eating disorder will go into defense mode since it knows it’s being attacked. Be patient but persistent in the conversation.

// Be mindful of your words.

Refrain from what I call unnecessary “body talk” and specific comments about body shape and or weight, whether it’s about yourself or the person with the ED. Steer clear of mentioning calories, diets, and going in depth about specific foods. These topics can be triggering for a person with a food addiction.

// Encourage professional help.

An eating disorder is an illness manifested from deep seeded mental and emotional issues that have not been dealt with. Sometimes these issues are beyond our abilities and we don’t have the answers. Encourage your person to speak to a registered dietician. A meal plan is the most basic fundamental first step to a life in recovery.

// Don’t force it.

Recovery isn’t an option for someone who doesn’t truly want to get better. That being said, keeping someone accountable requires you to be both assertive and loving. Remind them that they are loved and have nothing to be ashamed of. Remind them that the disease is selfish, it wants their entire life. Challenge the person to separate themselves from the illness.

// Their relapse is not your failure.

Watching someone you love relapse in an addiction is incredibly difficult and disheartening. You might even become frustrated or feel responsible for their destructive choices. Be encouraged that their recovery is possible, but not contingent on you.

// A person recovering from an eating disorder is not invincible.

No matter how much time passes, an eating disorder does not disappear. A person in recovery merely chooses healthy coping mechanisms, but it’s important to stay aware that this is a cunning and baffling disease. Recovery brings freedom, though it does also mean complete insusceptibility to relapse.

// Seek support for yourself.

This is a difficult journey for you, as well. Join a support group and connect with others who’s loved ones are struggling.

// Know the facts. Educate others. is a great place to start.

It’s not you against them; it’s us against a disease. Love the person, hate the addiction. Let’s fight it together.